Everest Base camp trek January 21th to February 3rd 2019.Day one : Trip from Kuala Lumpur to Kathmandu

January 20th i woke up at 4:30,
my backpack was prepared since yesterday, i prepared my Coffee while singing then i headed to the train station then to Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Now Flight OD184, inside the plane in direction to Kathmandu, my first trip to Nepal and tomorrow i will start trekking to “Everest Base Camp” woww …… another adventure, i couldn’t even dreamed about it when i started to write my biography in November 25th 2014 🙂 Does the Law of attraction exist ? no doubt , Does gratitude effect exist ? 100%. I have been living in Kuala Lumpur more than 6 months, 6 months full of astonishing things, new experiences, feelings and challenges. After arriving to Kathmandu airport, i took a Taxi (Paid from the Agency) to Eco Resort Hotel in Thamel where i met Mister Hari khadka the director of Welcome Nepal Trek and his associate Mister Nawa, We introduce ourselves , had a friendly chat while enjoying a Nepal Tea, i went to my room get a shower and rest a little then we met again this time with Ganesh my future Guide , 30 years old very nice young man who aim to reconstruct his house in his village which suffered from the earthquake in 2015, and he also wants to bring water to his community . after that i went on a walk to discover Thamel, very beautiful touristic neighborhood very famous in Kathmandu and Nepal, i had lunch in a beautiful restaurant in a beautiful terrace then returned to the hotel tomorrow i will wake up earlier, Ganesh will come to pick me at the hotel , we will go to the airport and then fly to Lukla from where the Great Adventure will begin:)
How i found The Agency ? googling and i was pleased by the reviews from others trekkers on the Agency team. I definitely recommend “Welcome Nepal Trek” to all trekkers : Solo, family and groups…….

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