Everest Base Camp Trek January 2019 Day Two: Benkar 2630m to Namche Bazaar 3340m

Day Three, Early in the morning i woke up around 6 AM, we had breakfast in joy and laugh, it is extraordinary this feeling of love and happiness you can only feel during a trekking . Everything is about energy, After saying good bye to the nice couple and their little girl, and to our intrepid trekker Zinzin, we started our trekking to Namche Bazaar, personally i found it the most tough circuit in the Everest base camp trek, many ups and downs, more ups than downs, we crossed many bridge, one in particularly very famous, the “Hillary Bridge”. Nature , rivers, the sky, mountains, the scent of mother earth, the view…… you should go to see and feel it by yourself my friends, i do not have enough words to describe such beauty 🙂 we met on our way we met many porters with superhuman powers, everything that we have been taught at school and in the medical school was wrong, come ooooon its obvious !!!!! , i mean in an altitude around 3500 m i saw normal humans carrying between 80 to 100 kilos climbing beside us with a smile a normal pulmonary rate, normal pulse rate , Dyspnea none,
hypersialorrhea none, hallucinations none, altitude sickness none, priapism none!!!! , meanwhile i had all these symptoms 🙂 🙂 🙂 let resume all this to Energy , everything is Energy. We arrived to Namche Bazaar around 12 AM, the village was empty because of the low season , this was very convenient for me and the other rare trekkers because everyone of us had his own room (every room there is two beds) and two blankets, easy access to the toilets, to charging the batteries, silent nights…… if i have to advice future trekkers or if i have to return to trek in the Himalayas i will do it again in January . After arriving to the lodge very good by the way: Moonlight Lodge highly located in the village, we had immediately lunch because we were starving, i meant to show you the prices, there is a large difference between prices in Namche Bazaar and Dingboche , lobuche ….. as far as you go the prices are higher so please follow my advice minimum change 500 dollars. After lunch i went to my room where i had a very very beautiful view on the village. I did not rest, no signs of Altitude sickness yet, immediately i went to visit Namche Bazaar , i found the perfect trap for Cakes Amateurs : Namche Bazzar bakery 🙂 then returned to the lodge around 4 PM { very important time to remember and never miss especially for medical reasons, from Namche Bazaar the weather get very cold and if you want to keep using your Goods (testicles and ovaries, stick to my advice 🙂 } time for all humans (Trekkers, guides, porters, managers ) to gather every day around the heater which by the way uses wood to product heat (after Tyangboche, they are more creative and use another product :). After that direction to my frozen Room , tomorrow is Acclimatization day, we will stay 24 more hours in Namche Bazaar.

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