Everest Base Camp trek January 2019, day Five : Namche Bazaar 3440m to Pangboche 3985m

Day Five, i woke up at 6.3 AM , happily the weather was good sunny day , After breakfast we started our trek to Pangboche, this part of circuit i found it a little bit difficult mostly because i started to feel the weight of altitude, struggling a little to breath but thanks to the patience of my two fellows and the drinking of water and also little breaks to rest and to contemplate the view this helped me to continue till Thyangboche 3860m. In our way we stopped to have lunch at a beautiful restaurant , nice view strong energy (nature mountains wind and river ) there we met with a couple of chineese and a wonderful solo intrepid trekker “Richard” from Laetvia, this man is a chef cuisinier , also doing big humanitarian activities to make this world (f…. by the scam of the earth : politicians) a better place to live in. he used to cook for children and he is doing research in how to make to produce a healthy food. ww had a good chat and lunch at the top of the world :), we did not met after that. Dear Richard it was a pleasure meeting you i hope that everything went well for you and you succeeded to rich the #EBC. After ups and downs and enjoying the breathtaking views, we arrive at Thyangboche 3860m where i had the first encounter with Mount Everest 8848m : Magic spiritual unique and solemn moment šŸ™‚ , we had cafe at the Himalayan lodge then my guide asked me if i can make it to Pangboche 9gain of time and miles). YEEEESSS let’s goooo , i said (by night i was regretting this decision šŸ™‚ )
Arriving to Pangboche we went directly to “Echoholiday lodge” at the entry we could read : WIFI, Hot water, heat….. but none of this was disposable, nor WIFI nor heater , nor good food nor good ambiance……., i asked to by a bottle of water, a kid there asked me to pay 300 ruppies, i went out at the entry of the lodge there was a shop, the price of water was 150. by night the room was like a fridge or more, i never taught that someday i will cry because of the cold and before to go to sleep šŸ™‚ one good advice for future trekkers: from Thyangboche i advice to everyone to put their bottle of water inside the sleeping back by night, yes sleeping with it otherwise you will only find a frozen water in the morning. the temperature in Pangboche varies between -14 in the evening to -25 at 3 AM. Answer to a very wise question : do i need to bring condoms with me during the Everest base camp trek ? well it may be useful till Namche Bazaar , after that my fellow trekker if you succeed to have an erection at -25 degrees, dude you are a hero my advice to you is to make as soon as possible contact with Hollywood, you deserve an Oscar:) i would say thatĀ Ā bringingĀ aĀ needleĀ wouldĀ beĀ moreĀ accurate,Ā because during someĀ very coldĀ morningsĀ youĀ mayĀ notĀ findĀ  it šŸ˜‰

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