Everest Base Camp January 2019 Day Nine: Lobuche 4930m to Gorakshep 5140m to Everest Base Camp 5364m

Today was the big day, i woke up at 6 AM, after a quick breakfast we started our trek to Gorakshep, no altitude sickness but a flu started to show up, the will to finish the trek was above fever and throat sore, so in joy all the three of us continued walking, our path was mostly regular , at some points we met slippery places so be careful while walking on it, we arrived to Gorakshep after 3 hours trekking , just the time to have a cafe then we started to walk toward Everest base camp, Bim our porter choose to stay in Gorakshep. The description of the agency was right it is the most rewarding section of the trek. Our trail winded up through rocky path , dangerous part My guide Ganesh advised me to keep silent and to move fast, sometimes a rock avalanche can be bad . the view of the Mountains was magnificent as usual, Mount Nuptse, Mount Lho-la and mount Khumbutse appeared at a stone throwing distance, after two hours trekking from Gorakshep Finally we arrive at the Everest Base Camp, very windy and soo cold but the success warmed us up. I had to remember and honor my family and teachers and friends and also because trekkers are Family i wanted to honor two magnificent trekkers Louisa and Maren who were cowardly assassinated in the Moroccans Atlas mountains just because the Moroccan government along with European governments are incompetent cowards and corrupted , Louisa had a dream to visit Antarctica, i could not go there so i brought her and Maren to the Himalayas where there is snow and cold too :). Now their spirit is flying high at one of the most beautiful places on Earth.
I had to Honor my white coat and my stethoscope, thank you for being my friends and partners 🙂 i felt also the ethical responsibility to honor all the good doctors in this earth dead or still alive who believe in the Hippocratic oath and defend their patients . Ganesh took some photo souvenirs two, then we return back to Gorashep, after lunch we gathered around the heater , too many good feelings , this trek had definitely changed something inside something at the spiritual level. after dinner i went back to my frozen room , i do not feel good at all, fever and sore throat , i did not brought medicaments with me that was my big mistake…… it is known that doctors are the bad patients isn’t ? 🙂 let see tomorrow if i can make it to Kala patthar 5545m

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  1. أنا أحمد رابح الله من مواليد 1974 أصبت بمرض الباركينسون منذ 5 سنوات وقد دلني عليك صديق مغربي ونصحني بأنك دكتور جيد
    من فضلك سيدي اريد علاجا لمرضي وشكرا


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