A call from the heart to unite and to provide clean, safe drinking water to the village of Falange Gangajamuna Nepal

I met Ganesh ( Ganesh or Ganesha the elephant-headed God is a very popular God in Hinduism) 30 years old during my trek to the Everest Base Camp in Nepal January 2019, it was the first time i traveled to this beautiful country, normal to be a little nervous about the unknown but fortunately i had the chance to meet very nice people who made me feel like if i was home. Ganesh was my guide during 14 days , nice professional funny and human, when he told about his village and about his dream , i knew that my observations towards him were true. his village’s name is FALANGE gangajamuna Municipality of Dhading District, around 1 hour drive from Kathmandu, the village suffered a lot from the last devastator earthquake which hit Nepal in 2015, many villagers died many houses destroyed, no insurance and no compensation received from the State 😦 the villagers have been left alone and have been fighting since to build their village as they can.

Ganesh’s dream is simple : bringing clean, safe drinking water to the village and improving the quality of live of the villagers ( Newborns, children, pregnant women, eldrly …)

Dear angels and colleagues and friends from all over the world i thing Ganesh and his village deserve our help, as a doctor the Hippocratic oath is clear : helping and serving humanity and humans no matter is their color of the skin, their ethny their religion, their sexual orientation or their political views…… (i hate politicians , i can not afford it because they destroyed the world but i will not hesitate to treat for example their acute hemorrhoid crisis if they come to the emergency room , just an example ). Gansh has a noble dream , water is life , The village of FALANGE is situated 25 km from the river , they need money to by a tank and pipes so that every house will receive supply in clean safe drinking water. if the water is polluted it generates diseases and death 😦 . Dear angels whoever you are you can change this , you can give a new life to 65 families , this is the approximate number of houses in the village. In the photos above, there is Ganesh with Bim in Namche Bazaar, Ganesh with me the photo was taken on day two in the airport of kathmandu (Kathmandu to Lukla), the other photos show the archaic houses in the village , they made the houses by tin, Ganesh told me that the houses are very hot during hot season and very cold during cold season, photos also shows the construction of a shelter for the kitchen and a sleeping place in the corner. the man in the photo is Ganesh’s father he is sitting near the house trying to follow the doctor’s advice to stop smoking ( he has recently had troublesome pulmonary symptoms) . Let me remind you that the Villagers have no income a part growing rice.

So they are counting on you dear angels, friends colleagues medical students and everyone who value the right to all humans to leave in dignity . thank you for your time and future donations that will definitely change the life of Falange’s village .

Bank name: Himalayan Bank

Account name : Ganesh Bahadur Simkhada

Acount number: 01905616070017


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