Message to the Moroccan Doctors and to Humanity of year 2100 and above: here is our situation in Morocco 2020/رسالة للأطباء المغاربة وللإنسانية لسنة 2100 وما فوق: إليكم وضعنا في المغرب سنة 2020

The society in Morocco is under the control of muslims integrists terorrists , the Moroccan government under the control of the Europeans have unleashed hell upon the teachers the Doctors , thinkers and the scholars those who are the true Muslims who follow the Islam of peace tolerance knowledge…… the results is that now the society is entirely controlled by the new Islam called the “Wahhabi terrorism”, a religion of hatred, illiteracy, racism, pedophilia, drug lords, a real cancer that destroyed the normal behavior of our society , this situation is in favor of the Europeans colonialist especially the French and the Spanish; as long as Morocco is destroyed , they are sure to continue to still our goods for ever . In the photos bellow three special terrorists :

1) is a teacher who teaches Islamic Knowledge has released a Fatwa calling to kill another woman teacher who teaches philosophy,

2) a young male from Oujda who seems to have a trustful face but deep inside he is a dangerous terrorist called to beheaded me, and describe me as an “infidel Dog”

3) Another one wrote about me :”This is an agent of global and Masonic intelligence, and an enemy of Islam and Muslims”

So as you can see, in this time we are living hell in our country we are surrounded by enemies: The government represented by the Mekhzen the puppet, the society controlled by the Wahhabi terrorism and the Europeans the puppeteers. and last our families, don’t forget that we as Doctors and scholars we are humans , this situation destroyed our lives no money no house no family no children, no future (more than 7000 doctors have immigrated outside Morocco under the Mekhzen’s oppression) ……. the fact is that this plot, who ever imagined it ( and they must be a genius) was exactly to destroy people like us. they totally succeeded .

I do not know dears colleagues (and Humanity) what is your situation in 2100 in Morocco (especially in the north of Morocco) but i think i did my part to explain you what happened to us , i did my best ….do not blame us,how could we do anything to make a better future for you under these circumstances ?the worst is still coming… because if my observations are correct (and unfortunately they are) Morocco will be facing a civil war very soon in the next few years

The only hope that we still have is on the Royal Moroccan Army

May God be with you and with us and with the entire Humanity.

May 30th 2020 10.11 AM Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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