Practicing Medicine in Morocco 2020:After calling me atheist, traitor, threatening to behead me, now they are accusing me of being a murderer and a former inmate :)

After terrorists from my hometown Tangier accused me of atheism and anothe terrorists from the city of Oujda threatened to behead me, a retired former gendarme from the city of Al Hoceima accused me in a video in YouTube that in 1993 while I was drunk and driving my car i caused an accident in which a friend of mine was killed, after which I was convicted of two years in prison. Despite all this the royal armed forces, my military medical school , the Military Health Inspectorate, the Military Hospitals, the university of medicine in Rabat and the Moroccan medical council, excused all of my crimes and authorised me graduating with an honorable distinction and to practice the profession of medicine. really ????? all these are fake news of course 🙂
with an Easy search, the authorities can confirm that in 1993 no car in the world was registered in my name and that I have never have criminal records.

That is what i called , the close enemy , they are ready to lie just in order to put stress on Moroccan scholars who speaks the truth and who only want a better future for their community and their country ….. this is the Evil we are fighting against in Morocco. For the sake of all Humanity pray for us to win this sacred battle.

I of course  presented a complaint to the General attorney in Al Hoceima  against this Human under the number :653222 on Saturday 26 September 2020

Please notice the assurance and the confidence this man is talking with, i graduated from medical school in 2000 and practiced medicine in 5 continents. After watching this video and for 5min i said to my self, this Doctor Mourad must be a real criminal ………. oh wait Doctor Mourad is me 🙂

بعد أن اتهمني إرهابيون من مسقط رأسي طنجة بالإلحاد وهددني إرهابيون من مدينة وجدة بقطع رأسي ، اتهمني ضابط سابق متقاعد من مدينة الحسيمة في مقطع فيديو على موقع يوتيوب في عام 1993 عندما كنت في حالة سكر أقود سيارتي. السيارة تسببت في حادث قتل فيه صديق لي ، وبعد ذلك أدينت بالسجن لمدة عامين. رغم كل هذا ، فإن القوات المسلحة الملكية وكلية الطب العسكري التي أعمل بها ومفتشية الصحة العسكرية والمستشفيات العسكرية وجامعة الطب بالرباط والمجلس الطبي المغربي ، برأت كل جرائمي وسمح لي بالتخرج بامتياز مشرف وممارسة المهنة. مهنة الطب. هل حقا ؟؟؟؟؟ كل هذه أخبار كاذبة بالطبع 🙂 من خلال البحث السهل ، يمكن للسلطات تأكيد أنه في عام 1993 لم يتم تسجيل أي سيارة في العالم باسمي وأنه ليس لدي أي سجلات جنائية.

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