Spain: The portrait of a terrorist rich, protected and living the good life in Europe = Egoland.

As i explained here many times before, the destructive plan of the Europeans is genius and simple 1) to despise Muslim scholars 2) create the close enemy which will exercise more stress more pressure and more despise on the scholars 3) to welcome to all criminals, ignorants, idiots, drug dealers, terrorists and corrupt politicians. As i also explained here before, the Europeans (= Gods) prefer that all North Africans become terrorists than to become educated. The following is a proof that all my observations are true

The Spanish National Police announced today, Saturday 5 December 2020, that it has arrested a person with Moroccan nationality suspected of belonging to the terrorist organization (ISIS) in Getafe (Madrid).The same source explained that the arrested person is accused of crimes of belonging to a terrorist organization, and of recruiting and polarizing people, indicating that the investigations conducted within the framework of this operation confirmed that the suspect, who was imbued with takfirist ideology, was fully committed to the ideology and ideology of the terrorist organization (ISIS), and was involved in the recruitment. Communicating with people through social networks. The same source added that during this operation, which was carried out last Thursday, a search was conducted at the house of the arrested person, which made it possible to confiscate many electronic devices, phones, and a set of documents that are analyzed and subject to examination and scrutiny by the competent authorities. The National Police statement indicated that the suspect’s activities on the Internet revealed that he was a follower of the (ISIS) organization, and that he had been following and publishing hundreds of files glorifying jihad, and that he had evidence of the militaryself-formation of jihadists.
The statement concluded that the accused also assisted a returnee from Syria to settle in Spain, by enabling him to provide logistical support.

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