Wednesday March the 3rd 2021: stabbing attack in the town of Vetlanda.Swedish police suspect ‘terror motives’ could be behind Vetlanda attack

Sorry disappointing Egoland again but my observations about you are right.

As I told you before , Europe became the new terror hotbed in this planet because of the Ego and racist and incompetent immigrant policy of their government. Dear Europeans i told you before that your government and elite, they flooded your countries with terrorists, they wanted to use them against Islam and the rest of the world but as you know, Karma is the ultimate truth in this life, they get what they give and you become now the victims .

I advice all the countries in North Africa to impose the visa as soon as possible on the European countries for security reasons. Dear Asia Be careful when dealing with the Shengen passport, protect your citizens from the Europeans.

Things will worsen more and more. May God help the good humans in Europe and May God help us.

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