humanity first clinic was to provide healthcare for rural zones and for illegal immigrants.

This project started in 2015 (and ended in 2016) in my hometown Tangier north of Morocco then i had in mind to do the same for the poor villages in the Atlas mountains where there is a total lack of healthcare beside everything else : education,routes, electricity, water, wifi…… hope…..but unfortunately i couldn’t do it because this kind of projects goes against the interests of the Moroccan government and its allies : Europe and USA.

Friendship and courage : God bless these two angels and all children with Cancer.

ما يميز هذا الفيديو هو أن صديقًا شجاعًا يساعد الآخر عن طريق اصطحابها لتدور في الردهة هربًا من غرفة المستشفى.

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