Volunteer with Kedai Jalanan Malaya University-Kuala Lumpur Saturday 16th 2019

What a great day, Friday March 16th 2019, i had the opportunity to participate as a volunteer with magnificent friends from all over the world, more than 20 countries (Morocco,
Cameroun,Algeria,Australia, ,Malaysia,Iran,Bangladesh,Yemen,Thailand,Iraq,Turkey,Japan,India,Singapore,England,China,Nigeria,Chad,Pakistan,Sudan,Indonesia……., They all gathered on a weekend just to bring happiness and joy and hope to other humans who are suffering from poverty and loneliness.
Kedai Jalanan essentially means “Street Store” in Malay. It is a social community project started by the Gender Studies Unit of University Malaya, to offer usable items to the homeless and urban poor in Kuala Lumpur at their monthly pop-up free market.
Just seeing the happy faces of children was a great joy . The volunteers were very special, a lot of beautiful energy and good vibes surrounding them , all were happy and smiling . The Universe is clear : You get what you give. You give to others happiness and joy, you receive happiness and joy.

Volunteer and social work can only bring you good and meet great friends , so i advice all the youth to start volunteering and always be nice to others 🙂

Everest Base Camp January 2019 Day Nine: Lobuche 4930m to Gorakshep 5140m to Everest Base Camp 5364m

Today was the big day, i woke up at 6 AM, after a quick breakfast we started our trek to Gorakshep, no altitude sickness but a flu started to show up, the will to finish the trek was above fever and throat sore, so in joy all the three of us continued walking, our path was mostly regular , at some points we met slippery places so be careful while walking on it, we arrived to Gorakshep after 3 hours trekking , just the time to have a cafe then we started to walk toward Everest base camp, Bim our porter choose to stay in Gorakshep. The description of the agency was right it is the most rewarding section of the trek. Our trail winded up through rocky path , dangerous part My guide Ganesh advised me to keep silent and to move fast, sometimes a rock avalanche can be bad . the view of the Mountains was magnificent as usual, Mount Nuptse, Mount Lho-la and mount Khumbutse appeared at a stone throwing distance, after two hours trekking from Gorakshep Finally we arrive at the Everest Base Camp, very windy and soo cold but the success warmed us up. I had to remember and honor my family and teachers and friends and also because trekkers are Family i wanted to honor two magnificent trekkers Louisa and Maren who were cowardly assassinated in the Moroccans Atlas mountains just because the Moroccan government along with European governments are incompetent cowards and corrupted , Louisa had a dream to visit Antarctica, i could not go there so i brought her and Maren to the Himalayas where there is snow and cold too :). Now their spirit is flying high at one of the most beautiful places on Earth.
I had to Honor my white coat and my stethoscope, thank you for being my friends and partners 🙂 i felt also the ethical responsibility to honor all the good doctors in this earth dead or still alive who believe in the Hippocratic oath and defend their patients . Ganesh took some photo souvenirs two, then we return back to Gorashep, after lunch we gathered around the heater , too many good feelings , this trek had definitely changed something inside something at the spiritual level. after dinner i went back to my frozen room , i do not feel good at all, fever and sore throat , i did not brought medicaments with me that was my big mistake…… it is known that doctors are the bad patients isn’t ? 🙂 let see tomorrow if i can make it to Kala patthar 5545m

Everest Base Camp Trek January 2019 Day Eight: Dingboche 4410m to Lobuche 4930m

Day Eight, i woke up at 6AM, in joy happiness and frozen testicles 🙂 yes dear fellows, the temperature was minus 30 degrees in the middle of the night . I meditate a little to give time to my organs to calm down so i can urinate in peace. then we had breakfast and started our trek to Lobuche. We were lucky the weather was good and sunny , The circuit had some interesting ups and downs but not as difficult as the circuit between Lukla and Namche Bazaar. We stopped to have lunch in Thukla at the Yak Lodge then we resumed our way. 30 after we arrived to a Memorial place where many Brave trekkers who lost their life during the Mont Everest quest are honored, in that place you can only feel respect and love and peace of soul and praying for their souls and for their families. I took a lot of photos and a special photo with Rob Hall’s Memorial, Rob Hall was
 New Zealand mountaineer  best known for being the head guide of a 1996 Mount Everest expedition in which he died, along with a fellow guide and two clients. We arrived in Lobuche after 6 hours trekking, i found a nice lodge managed by Santos a nice young Nepali man, of course i couldn’t afford to ask him if he was Spanish or Mexican 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 i also was pleasantly surprised to find a nice sunny room and correct outdoors toilets (in the middle of the night i you want to pee you may catch a pneumonia 🙂 ), after lunch i went out to visit the place i took more photos , always the same breathtaking view and indescribable feeling of freedom , oneness of the spirit and happiness. At 4 PM we gathered around the heater to warm up all together, then i went to my Frozen room , tomorrow is the big day : Everest base camp day 🙂

Everest Base Camp Trek January 2019 Day Seven : Acclimatization day in Dingboche 4410m

I woke up around 7.30 PM, this is a “No Stress day” , we had our breakfast in joy then with Ganesh we went on a tour around the village. Obviously i was the only trekker their, yesterday we met with Oliver a solo trekker from Denmark and two couples from China, while we were laughing while gathering around the heater, the couple of Chinese were watching Harry Potter movies in their laptop, i am not lying to you guys and my dear respectful fellows,we were observing them and we were pretty sure that they saw all the episodes during the same night 🙂 🙂 🙂 :). After visiting the village we returned to the lodge for lunch then i went out by my self to meditate while contemplating the mountains around, the snow everywhere , feeling the contact of the wind on my face and my frozen nose and lips and other parts of my human body i would prefer not to talk about…..marvelous 🙂
at 4 PM we gathered around the heater me Ganesh, Bim and the two sisters actually who were the managers of the Lodge (Oliver the Danish and the two couples from china were already in their way to Lobuche) . After Dinner and with tears in my eyes (because of the cold) i went to my frozen room to sleep, tomorrow we will trek to Lobuche 🙂

Everest Base Camp Trek January 2019 Day Six: Pangboche 3985m to Dingboche 4410m

Day Six, i woke up at 6 AM, Water completely frozen in the bottle that why guys i advice you to put the bottle of water inside the sleeping back with you before sleeping so that you can drink water in the morning. After a quick breakfast we started our trekking to Dingboche. i was happy to leave the lodge in Pangboche because as i told you, there was a lack of everything in there especially the heater the WiFi the ambiance and the quality of food.
this time the circuit started to progressively changing , more snow more wind the view always breathtaking , we met a few of trekkers returning from the Everest base camp, no accident were reported or bad weather. We stopped to have lunch in Ganesha’s friend lodge, there we met with a cute little girl, she was on holiday , she is studying in Namche Bazaar, she as son happily surprised when she saw my stethoscope, she speaks English fluently and told me that her dream is to become a nurse so that she can help children in her village :), i explained to her that there are children in her age living in the other side of the world in the Atlas Mountains who have nothing, no schools no healthcare no libraries no hope…… i was upon to tell her that politicians in my country are a bunch of motherF……. greedy selfish incompetent and thieves and that they were supported by other corrupt politicians motherf…… from Europe and USA ……. but finally i thought that it was not a good idea to tell that to a child 🙂 :). I took a photo souvenir and
after that we continued our trip till another village where i met another little boy who also sent positive energy and support to the children in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. After 5 hours trekking we arrived to Dingboche , fortunately we found a good place to stay “Snow Lion Lodge” we first had lunch, i went out on a tour, outside it seems as a ghost village out of the season of trekking. At 4 PM, we gathered around the heater where we met with Oliver an intrepid trekker from Denmark, we laughed so high while he was telling us about his trek and that the heater was functioning with “Yak shit” 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 My Dear Oliver where ever you are now, i love you ,you are a real case 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 i will never forget your answer when i asked you if you were interested to climb the Everest ? ” Hell no…… i love trekking because it is about discovering nature , beautiful places……. in the summit of Everest there is nothing but EGO ” You know what Oliver, you were right 🙂 After warming our frozen bodies i went to my room , a real fridge , with tears in my eyes from the cold , i put myself in my bed. tomorrow is Acclimatization Day 🙂

Everest Base Camp trek January 2019, day Five : Namche Bazaar 3440m to Pangboche 3985m

Day Five, i woke up at 6.3 AM , happily the weather was good sunny day , After breakfast we started our trek to Pangboche, this part of circuit i found it a little bit difficult mostly because i started to feel the weight of altitude, struggling a little to breath but thanks to the patience of my two fellows and the drinking of water and also little breaks to rest and to contemplate the view this helped me to continue till Thyangboche 3860m. In our way we stopped to have lunch at a beautiful restaurant , nice view strong energy (nature mountains wind and river ) there we met with a couple of chineese and a wonderful solo intrepid trekker “Richard” from Laetvia, this man is a chef cuisinier , also doing big humanitarian activities to make this world (f…. by the scam of the earth : politicians) a better place to live in. he used to cook for children and he is doing research in how to make to produce a healthy food. ww had a good chat and lunch at the top of the world :), we did not met after that. Dear Richard it was a pleasure meeting you i hope that everything went well for you and you succeeded to rich the #EBC. After ups and downs and enjoying the breathtaking views, we arrive at Thyangboche 3860m where i had the first encounter with Mount Everest 8848m : Magic spiritual unique and solemn moment 🙂 , we had cafe at the Himalayan lodge then my guide asked me if i can make it to Pangboche 9gain of time and miles). YEEEESSS let’s goooo , i said (by night i was regretting this decision 🙂 )
Arriving to Pangboche we went directly to “Echoholiday lodge” at the entry we could read : WIFI, Hot water, heat….. but none of this was disposable, nor WIFI nor heater , nor good food nor good ambiance……., i asked to by a bottle of water, a kid there asked me to pay 300 ruppies, i went out at the entry of the lodge there was a shop, the price of water was 150. by night the room was like a fridge or more, i never taught that someday i will cry because of the cold and before to go to sleep 🙂 one good advice for future trekkers: from Thyangboche i advice to everyone to put their bottle of water inside the sleeping back by night, yes sleeping with it otherwise you will only find a frozen water in the morning. the temperature in Pangboche varies between -14 in the evening to -25 at 3 AM. Answer to a very wise question : do i need to bring condoms with me during the Everest base camp trek ? well it may be useful till Namche Bazaar , after that my fellow trekker if you succeed to have an erection at -25 degrees, dude you are a hero my advice to you is to make as soon as possible contact with Hollywood, you deserve an Oscar:) i would say that  bringing a needle would be more accurate, because during some very cold mornings you may not find  it 😉

Everest Base Camp trek January2019, day Four: Acclimatization day in Namche Bazaar 3440m

Day Four , i woke up at 7 AM, first look from the window, what a magnificent view, Namche Bazaar is wearing white, it snowed all night 🙂 , quick breakfast then i started the village discovery day. As i explained yesterday we are in January low season son the village is empty , only few tourists. i like the village , it situated in the middle and surrounded by mountains, the architecture of the houses is beautiful, the sound of water is nice and peaceful , people are nice and friendly , the temperature was around -14 degrees. The day was snowy and cloudy so Ganesh my guide judged that there will be no need to go to the Everest View hotel because we would not have any view on the Everest or the other mountains arround, so i spent my day reading and enjoying the Chocolate carrot cakes in Namche Bazar Bakery cafe . Then around 4 PM as i advised you before i returned to the Lodge gathering around the heat , i had dinner then went to my room, i had to sleep earlier so i could awake at 6 AM, tomorrow will be a long day, Namche Bazaar to Pangboche. Still no signs of Altitude sickness, i used to drink 2 to 2.5l water per day.