The perpetrator of the Nice(France) attack has a criminal record in Tunisia related to violence and drugs

Dear Humans of year 2120, as i wrote here before, Europe (Egoland) opened it borders especially to illiterates, thieves, criminals, drug dealers , terrorists (because they are easy to control and brainwash) and corrupt Arabo-Muslim politicians from North Africa. Today Europe reaped what it sowed and all the European continent is already doomed to failure because of the incompetent racist and slavery policies of their government. We pray God that the Europeans leave North Africa, We welcome to Asia as new friends and partners.

Austria Terror attack, 2 November 2020

Dear Humans of year 2120, As i predicted here since long time ago, another European city was hit yesterday by a terror attack with many dead an injured. the citizens of Europe continue to pay with their lives for the policies of their incompetent and racist governments. These policies are named: “Interests”. The worst is still coming.

أعزائي البشر في عام 2120 ، كما توقعت هنا منذ وقت طويل ، تعرضت مدينة أوروبية أخرى أمس لهجوم إرهابي أدى إلى سقوط العديد من القتلى والجرحى. يستمر مواطنو أوروبا في دفع حياتهم ثمناً لسياسات حكوماتهم غير الكفؤة والعنصرية. يتم تسمية هذه السياسات: “المصالح”. الأسوأ لا يزال قادمًا.

Tangier Bus in the Time of Coronavirus. My hometown will not fall 👍👍👏👏✌️✌️🙏🙏💪💪

Tangier’s bus in the Time of Covid-19 : very clean, positive energy, people are disciplined and Kind to each other. No stress Nor scenes of hatred or Racism like in Europe and in USA.

حافلة طنجة في زمن الكورونا: النظافة وطاقة إيجابية للغاية ، الناس منضبطون ولطيفون مع بعضهم البعض. لا ضغوط أو مشاهد كراهية أو عنصرية كما هو الحال في أوروبا أو الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية.

A photo with thousands words and message to Nord Africans of year 2120 :(

This morning a young man 30 years old Chose to commit suicide in a parc in the centre of Tangier, the heart-breaking scene in this photo is the loyal dog unaware of his owner situation who remained sited there till the corpse was removed by the police. This is what North Africa gained from decades of cowardly, bloodthirsty French-Spanish colonialism with their European invading allies. : Societies destroyed by illiteracy, lack of healthcare, lack of hope, poverty, illegal immigration, disease, drugs, corruption and terrorism. May God help us
A good SAMARITAIN, à women from Tangier volunteered to take care of the loyal dog 🙏🙏✌️✌️❤️💖

Behavioral study : the creation of terrorism in Europe .

As I have already profiled it here, the terrorist who committed the killing today is a young tunisian 20 years old, he entered to France from Italy . So as i told you before, Europe became like a sieve for islamist extremists. Europe policy despises muslim doctors and welcome to illetrates, thieves, drug dealers corrupted Arabomuslim politicians and terrorists. everything became clear water now.

To all the world especially Asia : be very careful when dealing with visitors with Shengen passport , be very very careful .

Much love and peace to you from my hometown Tangier North of Morocco , Please pray for us